Brief profile summarising key knowledge and experience:

  • Freshwater ecologist specializing in pond surveys carrying aquatic plant and macro-invertebrate sampling and biological still water quality assessment.
  • Experienced in managing large projects and training in amphibian survey techniques.
  • A skilled botanist with skill in surveying all main UK habitats (to NVC Standard).
  • Proven track record in identification and conservation of terrestrial protected species in the UK.

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Wildlife Surveys +

Phase 1 Habitat Surveys

Undertaken using generic guidelines. Usually undertaken in combination with site assessment for protected species covering all EPS species (other than marine species).

European Protected Species (EPS) surveys

Great Crested Newts, bats, fairy shrimp, medicinal leech, for development where licenses are required. Mitigation and compensation carried out as an integral part of the licensing process.

Pond surveys

Pond condition assessment using biological indicators following generic guidelines, typically involving aquatic macro-invertebrates and macrophtyes data gathering. Bespoke water beetle and freshwater macro-invertebrate surveys also undertaken.

Botanical surveys

To National Vegetation Classification (NVC) standard.

Forestry Commission surveys

Undertake woodland surveys for private owners wishing to carrying out woodland management and tree felling operations.

Project management +

Design of artificial habitats and homes for wildlife:

Using specialist knowledge and skills, we compensate for apparent losses by supplying a unique range of artificial refugia and hibernacula.

Pond restoration

De-silting operations, reduction of over shading tree canopy, clearance of rampant aquatic plant vegetation.

Pond creation

Advice on pond location and design, digging of new ponds with mechanical excavator. Installation of artificial pond liners, planting of native aquatic flora.  

BREEAM Assessment and Code for Sustainable Homes

‘Suitable Qualified Ecologist’ for the BREEAM Assessment and the Code for Sustainable Homes and to-date has achieved ‘excellent’ certificates’.

Management plans for environmental stewardship schemes

Pond surveys and pond management plans undertaken for the Environmental Stewardship is an agri-environment scheme administered by Natural England that provides funding to farmers and other land managers in England who deliver effective environmental management on their land.

Wildlife photography +

Stock photographer for the Nature Picture Library with over 150 images.

Wildlife PowerPoint presentations +

Presentations given on recent expeditions to Africa and on UK ponds and aquatic life and Herefordshire’s wildlife. Charges on request.

Training +

Great Crested Newt training courses provided, covering amphibian identification, survey techniques, licensing and legal requirements. Please request further details.

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